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Criminal law is different from civil law in that successful prosecution by the State may result in punishment of a guilty party, which may include fines, jail or imprisonment. Dean & Gibson, PLLC, is often asked by clients to defend criminal charges in conjunction with civil claims. We also represent criminal defendants in cases that do not involve civil litigation. Criminal litigation can be incredibly complicated, and the stakes are always high. Whether you need a criminal defense attorney or you’re looking for an attorney to aggressively pursue civil claims on your behalf as a result of criminal acts, our experienced lawyers can help.


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Experienced Criminal Attorneys in Charlotte

The objectives of criminal sentencing include: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and restoration. If you’re a Defendant in a criminal law case, you need aggressive legal counsel to ensure you receive justice for crimes with which you have been charged. As a defendant, your legal counsel should ensure your rights are upheld while minimizing negative outcomes for every party involved.

Dean & Gibson works with clients: involved in criminal cases in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. We have extensive experience litigating criminal cases in court before both judges and juries.

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DWI and Drunk Driving Lawyers

The laws governing the operation of vehicles can be complex. In some cases, traffic accident claims are civil matters, aimed at bringing financial restitution to the victims of an accident. In more serious instances, auto accidents can result in criminal charges.

Dean & Gibson’s Charlotte attorneys regularly litigate criminal traffic tickets as well as drunk driving charges. After an accident, criminal charges are often filed along with civil claims.



Criminal Traffic Charges in NC

Most traffic tickets are infractions, aimed at deterrence rather than punishment. However, some tickets have potentially serious penalties, particularly those involving wrongful death, DWI, reckless driving, driving while license revoked, racing, speeding more than 15 miles over the limit, drunk driving and injury accidents. Those charged with these offenses can lose driving privileges or face jail time. North Carolina criminal driving charges include infractions and misdemeanor citations. Some charges also constitute felony offenses, often resulting in lost driving privileges and/or extensive jail time.

A few of the most common misdemeanor traffic charges in NC include: failure to stop at the scene of an accident, reckless driving, speeding, driving while license revoked or suspended, and DWI. A Driving While Impaired charge can have severe consequences including but not limited to loss of driving privileges, loss of vehicle, fines and jail time.

Felony traffic charges in NC require experienced legal representation. The most common types of felony traffic charges in the Carolinas include: Felony Death by Motor Vehicle, Hit-and-Run and Habitual DWI. Hit-and-run charges are often in conjunction with an injury or fatal accident. Habitual Driving While Intoxicated charges occur on or after a third DWI charge and result in mandatory jail time.



Drunk Driving Lawyers in Charlotte: Dean & Gibson

In North Carolina, it is a crime for anyone to drive with a BAC over 0.08%, or while impaired via drugs. A first- time DWI charge can result in hefty fines and some jail time; a second or third DWI charge in NC results in mandatory jail time. Depending on certain aggravation factors, and a third conviction may be recorded on a person’s record as a felony. Third DWI offenses can be charged as “Habitual DWIs” under certain circumstances.

Have you been charged with a drunk driving crime in North Carolina? Dean & Gibson’s criminal defense and auto accident attorneys have extensive experience defending drunk driving charges in Charlotte. Whether you’re facing stiff fines, prolonged jail time, or revocation of your license, contact the team at Dean & Gibson today to discuss your options.



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